We are a collection of Christian Sisters from a variety of backgrounds across the United States who are united to help each other slay our insecurities and embrace our God-given gifts and callings.

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If you believe in Jesus, that God’s Word is the final authority on Truth, and that we are saved by grace, not by works, you are welcome to join us.

What WE Slay Together

Our Slay Leader, Dr. Suzy, empowers, equips, and inspires us each week to slay our insecurities in her Slay Sister Groups. Current Topics include:

Slaying Partner Betrayal Trauma

Slaying Infidelity

Slaying Intimacy Anorexia

Slaying Worthlessness

Slaying Triggers

Slaying Insecurity

Dr. Suzy Thompson

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Our leader

Dr. Suzy walked away from a 17-year professorship, a private Acton Academy school she founded, and completely revamped her private coaching practice, Understanding Giftedness, to Slay Sisters after experiencing the indescribable pain of partner betrayal trauma and intimacy anorexia. She remembers the loneliness she felt as multiple church leaders, counselors, and even colleagues just could not understand the pain she felt for years living with an intimate anorexic spouse who was hiding a sex addiction.

On her personal quest for healing, Dr. Suzy discovered Dr. Doug Weiss and the AASAT community. The first place where she felt heard, seen, and could find answers to all of her ‘why’ questions. A year later, Suzy found herself AASAT certified after studying under Dr. Weiss so she, too, could help her sisters heal from betrayal.

Not only do women have the ability to heal from this level of trauma, but we have the ability to rise above it, completely slay it, and empower our sisters to do the same. Truly, we are more than conquerors!

Dr. Suzy Thompson

Founder of Slay Sisters, Recovered Her Value, and Understanding Giftedness, LLC

**Slay Sisters is not just for the betrayed woman. This is for any woman who has found herself jaded by life and wants to slay her insecurities, embrace her creativity, and be empowered to slay her enemy. If you are ready to level up your spiritual, mental, and emotional walk with Christ, then pull up a seat and join us at our table.

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