Earlier this week, the Slay Sisters met together, and we truly had an empowering, inspiring, and equipping moment together. I felt led to have the girls watch a clip from Lisa Bevere’s Lioness Arising speech. Lisa is referencing her book, Lioness Arising, (which is AMAZING and one that every woman should read) and talks about how to get to the male lion, the hunters had to tranquilize the female. Isn’t that true for us who have been through the pain of betrayal too?

To get to our husbands, the enemy has had to tranquilize the women. The wife was likely tranquilized by a number of dysfunctional moments throughout her marriage. Maybe she believed all the lies of intimacy anorexia and had taken some major hits to her sense of worth. The gaslighting, the lies, the blaming, the critiquing, the withholding love, praise, and being controlled by her husband via financial manipulation and/or shaming. Maybe her concerns were dismissed by other women in her small groups at church, in her neighborhood, or within her own family when she voiced that things were wrong at home, that she didn’t like his friends, that she wasn’t ok with him receiving email forwards from other men of porn images or perverted texts. Maybe she sought marriage counseling only for her intimacy anorexic spouse to put on a great show and make it seem like she was the one who was crazy. Maybe she made one too many excuses for him. Maybe she researched how to love a workaholic too many times. Maybe she had to turn her back on her intuition as she tried harder and harder to get her spouse’s attention, approval, and was starving to just feel loved and celebrated for once in her marriage. Maybe her church leaders were advising her to just keep submitting to the abuse and eventually he would quit due to her “honoring” behavior. Whatever the case, the wife was tranquilized.

Then, there’s the tranquilization of the other woman. The emotional affair partners. The adulteress. The call girl. The “massage” therapist. The prostitute. The drugged-up, likely human trafficked, girl modeling for the porn photographer. The good ‘ole southern Christian girl who goes through men faster than anyone else on the church pew because she cannot find value in Christ, she only knows how to relate to married men and listen to Jezebel’s lies when it comes to her worth. Maybe she’s on the worship team. Maybe she’s in the pew behind you. Regardless, she’s the brave type that shows up at church as a female wolf waiting to devour your marriage. Maybe either of that girl never knew her daddy, had an addicted dad, or maybe he was the photographer pimping out his own daughter for cash. Maybe she was raped and dismissed by family. Maybe she tried running away from her own abusive environment and found herself sleeping on a concrete sidewalk with no one to protect her from the predators that prey on weak women. Maybe her momma didn’t love or want her. Whatever the horror show is that she’s living, I have never heard of a little girl who wished upon a star that she could be a homewrecking whore for a living. She’s tranquilized as well.

To get to the man, the devil had to tranquilize the women. So true. But now, the drug has worn-off and you’re awakened. You’re awakened to the notion that the majority of men in church have some form of a sex-addiction. You’ve awakened to the fact that Intimacy Anorexia exists, and it truly is the silent killer of marriages. You’ve awakened to the ways that you were tranquilized and you’re no longer going to swallow that poison no matter how sweet the packaging appears. You have to stay awakened to the Truth of God’s Word, the truth of jezebel striking her marriage, and the truth that you have a legacy and calling to protect because she is definitely after it now. Who is at stake if you turn you fall back to sleep through denial, drinking, or other running away or dismissive behaviors?

Open your mouth and let out your Roar, Sister! Roar for the Truth unapologetically. Roar for justice! Roar for your children! Roar for your calling! Roar for your legacy! Roar fiercely against sin and all the evil that strikes you. You are no longer asleep. You are no longer tranquilized. You are a LIONESS in the PRIDE of of KING LION of JUDAH!

Fully Awaken, Lioness Sister. For when you do, Satan should never feel safe in your presence.

Dr. Suzy Thompson


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