Investing in yourself is wise. Slay Sisters is a sisterhood of women who are empowered to battle the devil, encouraged to slay our personal insecurities, with sisters across the United States who we can trust to have our backs.

Almost Every Woman Has a Private Battle She is Facing Alone.

Infidelity. Divorce. Miscarriage. Abortion. Emotional Disconnection from Spouse. Physique Insecurities. Rejection. Bullying. Abandonment Fears. Forgiveness and Trust Issues. Questions about Parenting. Anxiety. Fatigue in Decision Making. In-Law Issues. Questions about Family of Origin teachings. What is my purpose, my Calling? What does God want from me? What is He teaching me? How do I overcome this? Where did I put my coffee?

Empowered by Collegiate Level Teachings that provide Biblical proof

Where Generations of sisters Unite

“My people perish for lack of knowledge” – God (Hosea)

At least once a month, Dr. Thompson pulls from her 17 years of being a college psychology professor and shares with her audience a psychology lecture that uses science to prove Biblical truths. She also guides us in a conversation with insightful questions and “homework” suggestions to help us apply what we learned in our everyday lives. So much of what we believe to be true about the human psyche is actually an illusion or just an unfounded wise tale that has never been questioned. Learning about how God created your soul to function (mind, will, and emotions) is extremely enlightening and helps bring scripture to life.

In our sisterhood, we have women ranging from emerging adulthood (the 20s) to their 70s. The wise and young are united together and learn from each other beautifully. We have sisters from various ethnic and racial backgrounds united harmoniously and in sync with each other’s hearts and spiritual growth. We have seen women victoriously slay anxiety, depression, timidity, divorce, adultery, betrayal, rejection, and a number of nuance demonic strongholds and footholds that try to hold our sisters back from reaching their full potential within their callings.

Showcase You!

Sisters build each other up, support, network, and empower each other. We want to know what you do, your side gig, your business, your book, your blog, your calling, and anything that features you. If you have a gift that you would like to feature on our FaceBook page, please let us know. We’re here to support you, Sis.